The Author’s Hat

I don’t often wear hats: they make me look like a twat. Yes, I’m a twat in a hat. But in silhouette it’s a different matter. In silhouette I’m a man of mystery!


Actually it’s not a supernova at all. It’ s good/bad old Benidorm – shot through a pair of cheap sunglasses bought in the market that day. Do I holiday in Benidorm? No. Do I visit my favourite restaurant there whenever I’m in the vicinity? Yes. Do I like Benidorm? No. Is the world a better place because it’s there, basking in the sunshine of the Costa Blanca? Yes.

Flying Over Sark

Sark is a tiny inhabited island off the coast of north-western France. British owned, it looks like Snoopy’s little bird friend riding on the back of an obese┬ádragon. Other than that, I know very little about it.

Over the Solent

There was a delay at the airport, and the aircraft was forced into a holding pattern. So I got to see this stretch of water over and over again. Still, it was a very nice view…