I like doing a lot of things: but at my age most of them are probably beyond my ability to perform anymore – like bicycle wheelies, motocross, American football, endless hours on the beach, flirting, and stuff that requires that I’m far from somewhere to sit down for five minutes – or a toilet. Especially a toilet. But writing and taking pictures remain do-able – within reason. That damned toilet again. Now I like taking pictures of anything that looks nice: writing books of fiction: and in the case of my Earplug Adventures¬† – taking pictures for inclusion in my books of fiction. Well e-books anyway. So here is a collection of my favourite pictures. Most are of the countryside. Obviously some aren’t. And you might even find a few – or more than a few – that appear in the aforementioned Earplug Adventures. The title says it all. I hope you enjoy them. If, on the off-chance, you’d like to use any of the following pictures, please mention where you found them – except the Earplug shots, because, obviously (being the content of published works), there is copyright on them.


For slightly larger versions of each photo, right click on your mouse, and then click on View Image. It’s not much, but “Every little helps”, as they say.