Long-Lost Video

Sadly these stills are all that remain of the promotional video for my final Hamster-Fiction book, Danglydong Dell Diaries. Actually it isn’t sad at all: it was a bloody awful video. The book’s good though. Funny and rude.

Note Chihuahua assisting.



I can still recall the day in 2007, when after clambering from my rented Citroen in an underground car park, emerging into the Spanish sunlight to be confronted with this. I was not surprised to see it feature prominently in a 2017 episode of Dr Who. It really is like an alien environment. And the aquarium there is out of this world too!

Mountains in Monochrome

Maybe it’s just me, but shooting this in black and white makes it appear to hark from an earlier era. I guess the wing-tip is a bit of a give away. Nice mountains – although I wouldn’t want to try a forced landing there.

White Lights

I don’t do a whole bunch of street photography, but this street caught my attention because of the paucity of pedestrians. It’s usually thronging. Is thronging a real word? You get my meaning, I’m sure.