Skimming the Waves

The aircraft in which I was flying, when I snapped this picture, had descended to low-level: so I was surprised to see another airliner well below me. At first it made no sense to me; but then I recalled an incident a year earlier, in the same location, in which my aircraft crossed above a mountain, and then fell from the sky in a barely controlled descent that had the cabin crew hitting the ceiling as they were thrown off their feet, and the sound of ominous bangs and crashes emanating from the hold. Like the plane in the picture, we too shot far out to sea before the pilot could turn us around and return for a normal landing. Fun it was not; but it certainly was interesting.



5 thoughts on “Skimming the Waves

      1. I checked out your post. Whenever I’m up there, far above the petty squabbles of man, it’s hard to believe that there could be so much strife below. Maybe everybody should take a flight: it could alter their perspective.

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